Generate quality leads with our simple yet effective mortgage broker marketing ideas.

Before generating any leads as a mortgage broker, people must know of your existence.
And before you are in the mortgage business, you must consider yourself to be in the marketing business first.

Of course you must be familiar with Australia’s real estate market in order to provide quality service, but what’s the point if no one can benefit from it.

The mindset many mortgage brokers seem to have is to consider marketing as an optional luxury or a chore. All the top brokers know that marketing plays a great part in their success.

They consider themselves as marketers first and providers second. Therefore marketing is as important, if not more, than the service itself.

For mortgage brokers just starting to build their business, there are plenty of ways to get noticed online and offline.

For those who are struggling to get their business rolling, here are 5 mortgage broker marketing ideas to get you started.

Website Is A Must

All mortgage brokers, whether they care for online clients or not, need to have a website for credibility.

Your website is basically an online business card. Even if you don’t get business through the website, the business you do get, most likely, checked online to verify your professionalism, legitimacy and experience.

Now, a website doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. You can use content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or even free platforms. With an hour of watching YouTube web building tutorials, you’ll have your very own professional website on the go in no time.

Of course the team here at Resilient Digital can consult with you to build out a customised website to suit your needs.

Social Media

This is another aspect of online marketing many seem to be unaware of its potential. Most brokers do have accounts with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, but fail to use it at its full potential for marketing purposes.

When it comes to social media, be open, honest and direct.

Interact with your followers and be available to answer questions. A structured method of communication towards the buyers such as promotions or ads are ok in moderation but people desire personal interaction now more than ever.


Create blog posts on your own website or as guest posting on other industry specific blogs. Which ever way you decide, create a platform for you to write constant quality content.

News in the industry or your own personal daily experiences are good examples of content people like to read and share. Be sure to add valuable information and write the article in a way that it is relatable and feels like a one on one conversation with the reader. This is great for a number of reasons.

      1) Good content keeps people intrigued in you and your business
      2) Constant “Freshness” to your website will increase your rank in search engines
      3) The more quality your content delivers, the more your readers will like your site, the more they will share on social media and the more they will want to.

Share Your Videos

Videos are a great way to gain the attention of potential new clients. It provides a more personal way to deliver information and more clarity.

These videos can be on the process of purchasing a home or the benefits of choosing a broker over a bank. Any information that would be of value to those in the industry will work wonderfully. Distribute the video on social media, websites, ads, or video sharing websites.

This creates new content that will send your website visitors to your social media accounts and your social media followers to your website.

Monthly Post Mail Newsletter

With all this online marketing information, it is important to not forget about real human interaction. Word of mouth advertising brings results BUT only when it happens. This form of marketing is solely based of circumstance. Which means you would hope that at the time someone is looking to buy a home, your business will come to mind.

To ensure that you remain their automatic “go-to” when in need of a mortgage broker, try sending a monthly newsletter. This is still a better option than email since emails remain on the computer amongst the other daily inbox messages, however snail mail remains in their homes.

Keep in mind…

When applying these marketing ideas, be sure to stay focus and realistic. You can’t do everything. At least not alone. It’s better to do certain marketing strategies well and experiment to find out what works best for you. Focusing on a target audience will get you the best results.  In this business industry, success takes time and consistency.

I hope these 5 mortgage broker marketing ideas can assist you to start generating qualified leads into your new business.

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