Getting Started With Your Website Design Project

Here’s an overview of the process we follow to ensure your project is completed timely & efficiently.

1. Things We Need From You To Get Started

Your Company Logo

Preferably in transparent PNG file format or PDF, EPS high res JPEG.



Page text and other relevant information for each specific page on the site.

Images / Videos

Current images & videos and/or a description of new images / videos  you’d like to use.

Style Guide

Your company branding style guide, colours, fonts, layouts or any specific design requirements.

Hosting Credentials

Your current hosting account login and/or Cpanel username & password. (If available)

WordPress Login

An administrator login to your current WordPress site. (If you have WordPress installed already)

Once you have these items available, please upload them into your Asana project account or your secure Dropbox folder. (Details further down)

2. Asana

Asana is our choice of online communication and project management platform. We’ll be using Asana to communicate via messages, share your files and track progress of your project.

We find Asana to be a great tool that alleviates the problems of content, images and other important info being lost in long winded email threads. All messages come through to your email account, and when you respond they post directly back into Asana.

Once your project has commenced, we will send you an email to setup your Asana profile.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is fantastic for sharing large files like images, pdf documents and videos. whilst it isn’t necessary to have a dropbox account, there may be instances where files are too large to upload into Asana and therefore you will need to upload them into Dropbox.

Other private information like logins and account credentials can be uploaded securely to Dropbox if you would prefer as well.

A folder for your project will be created and shared with you via email.

4. Design Process

Designing and developing a website, no matter the size of the project is an extensive process that can be overwhelming at first. I take great pride in my work and also my willingness to be fully transparent throughout the entire process.

To help you better understand what to expect during the entire project, I have broken down my process into 3 steps:


1. Layout & Design

I like to spend a large amount of time planning the layout and design specifics to make sure you receive the absolute highest quality website in your eyes.

I’ll first create and seek approval of a complete page & menu structure (sitemap), then I’ll move forward on designing the home page for approval before moving onto the sub pages.

We will spend time getting the home page right for your company branding so the rest of the website flows seamlessly.

1. Development

Once you approve the website page structure and home page design, I’ll move forward with designing the additional sub pages plus adding specific functionality where required.

I’ll make sure your website looks great and functions perfectly across multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) before moving to the final step.

3. Edits & Revisions

Once your website is tested and functions correctly, you’ll be able to review each page and request detailed edits until you are completely happy.

This is also an opportunity for you to make sure all pages have correct spelling, grammar, contact information etc before going live.

During the revisions process, please be mindful of the project scope as defined within the proposal. I am very flexible when it comes to edits & revisions, however further requests for additional pages and/or functionality may incur additional fees.

5. Going Live

Once your website is ready to go live, all un-necessary content, images, support plugins and files will be removed to improve website speed and functionality.

The new website will be backed up using Updraft Plus and saved locally on a Google Drive account I will create for you plus our own local storage system. This is to ensure we have a backup file should your website ever need restoring.

Once live it may take 24 – 48 hours for it to propagate (depending on your host) and be viewable on web browsers. Some computers, wifi networks and data centres / servers may cache your old website, so it may take some time before your new website is viewable.

All website logins and credentials will be set out on a Word document and sent via Asana. Although we keep a record of your logins and passwords, I like to advise you keep a good record of them yourself.

Upon completion & handover, you’ll receive a link to my Moving Forward resource page which provides tips and information on what to do with your new website and also important information on Maintenance / Security which is highly recommended.

At this point in time, If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email and if you haven’t already done so, please complete the:

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