Website Design Questionnaire

Please fill out the fields that apply to your business.

We need to know about your business to build a website for it. Each service or product you offer will typically have it’s own page(s) on your website.
A website can serve any of a number of purposes and fulfill a multitude of functions depending on the nature of your business and what it offers. We need to know what the aim of your website will be in order to build it to achieve its goals.
Under normal circumstances our clients are responsible for delivering all content for the pages of their website including headings, text, images (and other media) etc. and we would ideally not start work on a website until this had been provided. We would then perform a degree of SEO on the content as we add it to the website. Resilient Digital offer a complete website copywriting service for clients who are not sure what they want to say or how to say it.
Resilient Digital offers a complete social media design service for Facebook and Twitter. We get your pages setup and ready to go so that you can concentrate on dealing will all the new customers you will have.

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