Newcastle SEO property maintenance client case study

How We Optimised Our Property Maintenance Clients Website

Our client operates a residential and commercial property maintenance business that relocated to a different state. They were not ranking for any kind of commercial terms

They now enjoy multiple page 1 listings in the organic and map results that now deliver daily calls for work in their area.


Our client relocated to another state in Australia, and their website did not represent their new address, nor did it appear for any search terms related to their business in either the organic or map results. They were spending large amounts on Google Ads (PPC), which was hurting their bottom line, and putting restraints on business growth.


We ran a website audit and local citation audit that determined the website was not optimised at all for local search terms and their business listings (citations) were still showing the old address.

We implemented the required changes to the on-page structure (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions) and added more content where appropriate to give more details about their service offerings and for search engines to recognise what their business is about.

We amended existing business listings whilst also creating new ones across relevant high authoritative domains.



Our client has keywords on the first page for commercial terms in their local region and they are now present in the map listings, which is perfect for anyone searching from a mobile device.

The increased calls made to the business from Google organic and map search results have meant they can now stop paying for ads.

Details – How We Did It

When we conducted the website audit and discovered no pages were optimised for any service or location, we knew that was the first changes to make.

The major way Google determines how to rank a page is by analysing the Page Title and what the Content is about.

So to make the website visible for local search terms, we changed the Home page Title structure to “Location + Niche”. The inner pages or services pages were structured like “Location + Service” or “Service + Location”

We like to make variations to our Titles to keep things looking natural.

Immediately after making these changes we saw the website jump onto page 2 for most service search terms including their main niche + location term.

After the on-page optimization was complete and we were satisfied it would meet Google TOS, we went onto making the required amendments to the business listings to reflect their new address, we optimized each listing with detailed descriptions and added geo-tagged images.

We also created new business listings in niche relevant directories that were also properly optimized with detailed descriptions and geo-tagged images.

As previously mentioned, our client now enjoys multiple calls for property maintenance work in their local region, and was able to stop paying for expensive ads that were not converting to sales.

Their greater return on investment with us has allowed them to put money back into their business and grow it to new levels.

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