The purpose of establishing an online audience is to convert them to potential customers.


Let’s be honest, your business needs paying customers and it starts by having loyal fans that view and engage with your content.

So with so much online competition how does one keep their conversions running at a competitive rate?

Creating exceptional content alone won’t get the job done.

You need catchy headlines, shareable content, enticing calls to action and everything else in between.

So with that said I came across a report that analysed 4,618 blogs.

The grand total of blog posts was 1,167,426 and a whopping 2 billion social shares.

Now that’s a serious number of posts and social shares to gather data from.

Now that’s a serious number of posts and social shares to gather data from.

To get a quick snap shot of some great conversion tips, check out our curated list of social share stats and quotes from the Colossal Content Marketing Report by TrackMavon.

1. 3% of the posts analysed were published on Saturdays. They however received 18% of the total social shares.

2. Blogs posted between 9PM & Midnight received the most social shares.

3. For targeted user engagement a spike in social shares occurs between 10PM – 11PM.

4. Engage your readers during the time they have to indulge that craving for educational or entertaining content.

5. Post titles of 6o characters is the peak amount for most social shares.

6. Blog titles that included a question mark received 46.3% of social shares.

7. “The average engagement was lowest for titles that went overboard with two or more question marks.”

8. Feeling excited!!!! Posts titles that included up to 4 exclamation marks received 34% of total shares.

9. “Your” and “You” in the post title accounted for 38% of narrative title words.

10. “This result underscores that more personally directed content is the benchmark for blogging”.

So there you have it.

A quick snap shot at some social share stats that’s sure to boost your conversions.

Let us know some quick stats on social shares that’s had a bearing on your conversion rate.

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