Moving Forward With Your New Website

Here’s some steps & valuable tips to help build your online presence.

1. Start Driving Traffic To Your Website

When your new or freshly updated website goes live, the most important thing to do initially is drive traffic to it. This will allow Google to index all of the pages faster and help to start driving traffic from organic search results.

To achieve high Google search rankings for keywords associated with your products and/or services, you will need to engage & implement proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

For a full proposal on providing SEO services for your website, please complete our SEO Discovery Form

Here are some other ways to consider getting the word out:

    • Social Media – Post a link across your social media networks, then use your network of friends, family or even co-workers to like & share, tweet, pin, etc. your new website.You’d be surprised how far one post can go when it’s shared and liked. Be sure to share your website across all of your social networks.(Note: The first phase of our SEO services builds out a complete branded social profile network across more than 30 profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Evernote
    • Email Newsletter – if you have a newsletter or email list, be sure to send out a broadcast describing that the new site has launched and even more importantly, how it can help their business or add extra value to them.Mailchimp is the software I use and highly recommend.
    • Word Of Mouth – When it comes to referrals, word of mouth is still the most powerful method. If you’re as excited as we are when your site launches, make sure you tell those around you!Ask for their opinion and see what they think about your new online presence. That’s valuable feedback that may come in handy when considering changes and additions to the site moving forward…which by the way we will be glad to assist with.

2. Ask For Reviews

Online reviews provide credibility and validate your business. You know yourself when someone suggests a restaurant, shop, place to stay or any other type of business the first thing you do is to look for reviews online.

In today’s semantic web, reviews are crawled by Google and they will show up in the search results when someone types in a search query for your business name.

Reviews can be made on many platforms, however the most popular and best for search engines is your Google My Business profile.

As with building out branded social properties for your business as part of our SEO services, we also setup a Google My Business profile & begin to promote it for the purpose of gaining reviews.

There are other different ways and platforms to get reviews, and here are some we recommend:

    • Facebook Business Page – Facebook reviews are great and potential customers are now more inclined to trust reviews made on this platform as it’s become a more reputable spot for customer reviews.Don’t be afraid to ask for your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page and have them share it. You could go one step further and have a small flyer created that provides easy to follow instructions on how to leave a review
    • LinkedIn Business Page – Perhaps a profile suitable for business in the professional services space, LinkedIn is great for obtaining recommendations.As with Facebook, recommendations on LinkedIn are seen to be trust worthy and give a clear indication of the business you may be about to deal with.
    • Trip Advisor – TripAdvisor is a travel website company where users can leave business reviews of places they’ve visited or restaurants they’ve eaten at.Users can also book rooms, find flights, discover to do and reserve tables at participating restaurants. TripAdvisor operates websites internationally in over 25 countries..

So the first thing you should do is identify what type of review site is best suited to your business.

You should strive to get reviews on business review websites that are going concerns, review sites that people know about and/or are familiar with and that have an easy to use interface.

3. Fresh Blog Content

Creating relevant blog content is an evergreen strategy for generating organic traffic to your website.
That means your website could still be receiving views for an article written years ago.

Now that does not mean writing short meaningless content that no one will appreciate. You will need to create high quality, engaging content that your keep your visitor engaged, share the article amongst social networks, and feel trusted to do business with you.

Content without purpose has no story!

Some questions to ask yourself before writing any content are:

    • Why are we making this piece of content?
    • Why will it engage the audience we want it to?
    • Why will it portray our brand in the way we want it to?

This is to ignite thinking about how the creative approach and content distribution strategy will best serve your audience the content is intended for and your business objectives at the same time.

Creating content with purpose…you are adding value to your business and adding value for your audience!

Our core SEO strategy is content creation & social distribution. To have this part of your business taken care of, then please consider completing our SEO Discovery Form to learn more.

4. Manage Business Details

After your website is live, it’s important to maintain your business details frequently.

Details like staff, location, products / services offered, hours or any other changes for your business need to be updated on your website too!

There’s nothing worse than having wrong information on a website. Or have a staff member’s picture on the page who doesn’t work there anymore. Keep your website updated and streamlined to your business.

5. Keep Your Website Secure

Unfortunately there is a high percentage of web traffic that is spammers, bots, malware and hackers.

If you haven’t already joined with us in securing your website, we highly recommend it. You can find out more as to why here, but the fact is that websites are getting hacked left and right these days.

And most of the time, a hacker thousands of miles away may just happen to find a way in or a web spider that breached your web hosting company’s firewall.

If your site isn’t protected and secured, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a breach. Our security plan lets you (and us) sleep better at night knowing your website is protected.

Lastly…We’d Love A Testimonial

If you had an awesome experience, we’d love to hear about it.

Not only does it make us feel proud we’ve contributed to your business positively, but it goes a long way with our potential future clients.

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