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Increased Business Exposure

Potential customers will love your business once its released to the market by giving it the exposure it deserves. Digital road maps created specifically targeting your ideal customers, all leading to your business.


Believing we are SEO geniuses (of course humbly) we get our knowledge from the world’s best mastermind groups. We surround ourselves with industry professionals and discuss what’s working so we can provide you the best service.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” @Ian Schafer


We believe your success is our success. Only once you are achieving the goals & objectives you set out are we satisfied with the service we provide. Therefore we think of our time together as a business partnership – together ticking boxes.

Google Domination

Gaining just one spot on the first page of Google doesn’t appeal to us! We have strategies to position multiple digital properties (including social) on the first page of Google search results.


Our Happy Customers.

thumb_01_60_60Burt Ropiha

Aardvark Works

“Both Jason and myself are members of an elite group of search engine optimization experts. I wholeheartedly agree with his business model and can attest to his knowledge and highly recommend his skillset.”

thumb_01_60_60Daniel Warren

Serps Pro

“I was introduced to Jason by some business friends, who regaled me with his online attributes. I must admit he surpassed their statements on every level! Jason has trebled my business in a matter of months, he has taken my construction business from a local identity to a National one.”

thumb_01_60_60Mark Doherty

Baldivis WA

“It’s been a great experience having Resilient Digital work on my website. Jason pointed out a lot of things that I could improve on my site and he quickly fixed them. Now I’m very close to the top of Google rankings and my business has a huge increase in traffic. Jason is very knowledgeable and gets great results!”

Our Melbourne SEO Skills.

As one of Melbourne’s leading SEO agencies, we will get your business exposure online.

Search Engine Optimisation is a specialised online industry process of analysing and editing websites with the purpose of gaining website rankings for specific search terms (keywords) on Google for related products and/or services your company may offer.

For brand recognition, SEO is highly important in any marketing strategy.

Take a second to think about it

…When you’re in need of a product or service, and you have heard about a particular company that may be able to service you – your first step is to jump on Google and search for them.

So this is commonly called Brand SEO

Heres more though

…What about when you cannot remember the company brand name.
You simply just search for the product or service you’re interested in right!

  • 67.78% Global Search Engine Market Share – Google 68%
  • 45.72% Brand Name Searches 46%
  • 46.82% Overall CTR of Non-branded Traffic From Top 3 Positions On Google 47%

Our SEO Video Presentation

Learn why business owners get confused about Melbourne SEO, and how we can help you!

So is your company showing up in the top spots of Google for your brand, product and service search terms?

Chances are your not – and your competitors are. You found us on Google. So let us HELP your business!

Resilient Digital practises what we preach.

Our entire marketing strategy revolves around SEO. We don’t do Facebook advertising, or any other PPC ads to market ourselves.

…And that’s because we want to prove to you how SEO generates traffic and eventually sales.

For brand recognition, SEO is highly important in any marketing strategy.

Take a second to think about it

…When you’re in need of a product or service, and you have heard about a particular company that may be able to service you – your first step is to jump on Google and search for them.

So this is commonly called Brand SEO

Heres more though

…What about when you cannot remember the company brand name.
You simply just search for the product or service you’re interested in right!

Our Clients

Just some of our fantastic clients we are privileged to partner with and provide SEO services for.

Our Entire Focus Is SEO

And because you found us by searching for Melbourne SEO, you can be assured people will find your business for search terms relevant to your products and services.

Some very important aspects to understand why your business should engage in SEO

Non-interruption based

SEO is all about increasing visibility for your website online, ready for earning peoples interest when they search for something related to your company offerings.

Old style traditional marketing (Facebook ads, banner ads, magazines, direct mail etc) pushes products and services to audiences that may be interested in your offer…more than likely they’re too busy though.

Why try to acquire customers with traditional interruption based marketing when they’re probably not even interested?

Indystry studies have shown:

  • 45% of direct mail never gets opened
  • Over 85% of TV viewers fast forward past commercials
  • More than 80% of 25-35 year olds take zero notice or are likely to click away from websites with excessive banner advertising

Cost Effective

Knowing your numbers is vital for any marketing strategy

Going into a marketing campaign, you start off with a budget in mind, then you’re looking for an ROI.

With SEO – We can work out if the numbers stack up!

Consistent monthly costs can be budgeted for and ROI numbers can be determined through our search terms traffic volume analysis. You will be able to work out if SEO will yield you an ROI.

Traffic To Your Website

Positive brand recognition will earn your business an increased amount of interest and higher chances of making sales.

Higher amounts of interest can be generated by the increased visibility and traffic from Google.

When your website is sitting high on search results, it receives online visibility.

…Meaning more clicks!

Google tells us over 85% of people will click on one of the top 3 websites for any given search term.

Is your website sitting in one of these spots.

If so your receiving clicks and traffic from Google.

People would be viewing your website and learning more about your business products & services.

What’s more though

If your website is not – then it’s your competitors receiving the traffic.

Companies that realise being in front of an engaged audience, the people that are looking for a solution to their problem – are all striving to increase traffic to their website.

Increased Revenue

SEO is a marketing strategy.

As is placing an ad in the Yellow Pages.

…Except no body uses the Yellow pages anymore.

Anyways SEO gives your business an increased amount of visibility online, will convert the visibility to clicks (traffic) and resulting in a larger proportion of people buying stuff from you.

Here’s the thing though.

More traffic not always converts to more sales.

Your company needs to be able to handle the increased volume of interest, requests, consultations enquires, purchases etc.

However if you have processes and systems in place to handle this, then the increased traffic will result in an increased revenue.

Continuous Marketing

When your website sits at the top of Google for related search terms, it stays there. Well so long as your competitors don’t start getting sick of you taking all of their customers and engage SEO services themselves.

More to the point though.

SEO is a long term marketing approach, and your website will not disappear when your budget runs out. PPC ads, banner ads, billboards, direct mail etc will immediately stop when you have no more money to pay for it.

One of the key elements to long term effective SEO is content creation. Developing content of interest to your prospective customers will engage them into interacting with your business.

Content is ever green

Content published 12months ago can still be viewed today, and attract new customers to your business. Your website is also visibility any time of day.

Let’s think about someone that has a-woken up terribly sick in the middle of the night.

They need to call out a mobile doctor. Searching on Google will yield them a solution to their problem.

Pretty sure a billboard won’t help in this situation.

SEO is like having a virtual team of marketers out there generating traffic 24/7

With our Melbourne SEO company, SEO results are long term.

If your business is struggling to move forward, and you’re not sitting on top of your competitors inside Google.

…Then you need to speak with us!

With Resilient Digital, our Melbourne SEO business strategies makes this possible.

Our Proven Approach To Effective SEO For Melbourne Companies

Initial Consultation

To get the very best results you deserve for your marketing dollars, it’s imperative we take the time to learn as much about your business as possible.

We believe in taking on a personalise touch with every aspect of your SEO campaign.

Whether it be over a Skype call or in person whilst enjoying a coffee, we like to take the time to meet you and allow you to become familiar with us.

SEO in Melbourne can be quite competitive for some markets / niches

…So it’s important we do the ground work.

Once we’ve established what your business goals and objectives are, we will work towards structuring a custom SEO strategy specific to your end goals.

Ascertaining your current website status

High rankings in Google for related products and service search terms don’t just happen overnight.

And most certainly not with the flick of a switch.

…If only it was that easy!

You see,

Google has over 200 ranking factors to determine what website they believe will return the best information for the search query presented.

And some of the ranking factors carry far more weight than others.

We believe we have a process that works to bring out the best in your website.

A process that methodically analyses your websites technical structure and what type of work has been done (if any) on the outside.

When we have assessed your current ranking status, we can develop a Website Audit Report that methodically shows you what needs to be done to boost your rankings.

This is generally accompanied with a proposal for our Phase 1 On-page SEO.

And the best part for you is,

the analysis process and Website Audit Report is all free.

You could even take this away and implement the recommendations yourself.

…However we believe we are the expert Melbourne SEO company

And more than happy to work with you.

Content Creation & Distribution

We understand Google loves to rank websites that have high authority.

You may have heard that Content Is King!

Well that’s only half true.

Because Content plus Promotion is King

Our Melbourne SEO strategy is centred around creating Brand Authority for your business.

And by that we mean.

…Building out high authority branded properties that Google loves.

And pushing out content specifically crafted to your branded properties that will attract shares and mentions from other influencers in your industry.

This creates are whirlwind effect and will have people taking notice of your business and website.

Influencers in your industry will begin to share your content and perhaps even start linking to it from their own websites.

The very thing that Google looks for at the top of their ranking factors!

So why are you waiting?

…You need to speak with us!

With Resilient Digital, our Melbourne SEO business strategies gets your business in front of your customers.

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